Sevenfold - Ilyan Kei Lavanway This short story is only for readers looking for a plain religious preachment, and not anyone else.

It's a snapshot of near future when a biblical prophecy comes true. That has potential, but the story has no plot development, it only enumerates the steps of the event. There is no character development, either, and I feel it would have been a better story if it tried to do at least one of these.

The writing style is plain; the story tells actions, it doesn't show us things. However, it is well edited, I didn't notice any spelling errors, which is always a good point for me.

I don't believe that any story, religious or not, is "excused" from following a few simple guidelines to make it into a creative work of fiction. This story doesn't follow any. I'd send it directly to a creative workshop to improve, because it needs any help it can get.

Note: I received publicly a free Smashwords coupon from the author.