Spar - Kij Johnson
I have no interest for alien sex, but I have enjoyed the rather rare occurrences I've read in the past.

Until now.
The experience of reading this short story is at the opposite pole of enjoyment. I didn't enjoy it. If I can still make sense of the concept of enjoyment.

I had no problem finishing it (it's a very short story), if there was more, I don't think I would have read it. Maybe. It's a mix of erotica and horror, where both erotica and horror refer to the same thing; in a science fiction setting. It makes sense. It provokes old questions seen in a new light. But alien sex, truly alien sex, is a auto-contradictory concept in a way: it has to be too alien and intimate in the same time. Maybe that's the source of horror.

I think this read is guaranteed to remain on my mind for a while. It's probably a good story. I'll have to reserve judgment until another read.