Azazel - Isaac Asimov
Isn't it weird, to remember almost nothing, of something you know you knew? I'd like to shake off this feeling, it isn't cool.

I must have read these stories many years ago, and all I remember is Azazel, the two-centimeter red demon. That image is imprinted in my brain, and nothing else.

If I think about the robot stories, I remember many plot pieces, their impact, some of their characters, their imaginative and provoking or their unrealistic "what if". On Azazel stories, however, I remember exactly nothing of the kind.

Other reviews say these stories share the common theme of the jinn granting wishes, which turn out differently than the grantee expected. Might as well be; and might as well be a reason why I remember nothing. It gets dull after a while, to keep warping at a theme with obvious limits.