Editorial - Arthur Graham
This review is not about the book, I haven't read the book, so I can't talk about the book, when I haven't read the book. Hope that's clear.

Note that if this was an unpublished book, I could review it and rate it and talk about the book if I haven't read the book. It says I can in GR review rules, so it must be true.

But this is a published book, not an unpublished book. So a different logic applies in GR rules, it gets confusing what and how that was, anyway it was above.

No, this review is about the author behavior. Hang on, GR, I'm not going to say anything wrong about this author's behavior. OK, I heard from reliable sources that he has recently posted naked pictures of himself on the internet. I'm not one to check writers' naked pictures on the internet, so I will not confirm the information, but it must be true because he said so himself. Which makes him a reliable source, at least on his naked pictures. I don't know if he is a reliable source of books, because as I said, I haven't read the book, so I can't talk about the book, when I haven't read the book, where was I.

I rate this book because I can rate a book I haven't read, it says so in Users Rights Act at GR, unless it was Users' Rules known as Review Rules, yes, this must have been it, why did I think it was about users' rights I don't know. But it says there I have the right to rate books, which I rate on author's behavior as reliable source of information. On naked pictures, since I haven't read the book, hope that was clear.

Note: this review is about author behavior, but in relation with THE BOOK.

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